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Learn How.

Learn how to build a beautiful touch to your garden, a Garden railroad. With miniature buildings, a tiny train, and your imagination, the possibilities are endless. You want to learn more, scroll down for more information, or click contact to ask a question. 


1) Start At the Basics

Bigger isn't always better, and that majorly applies to a garden railroad. Start simple, with just a simple loop of track, a locomotive, that is either battery powered, or track powered, and a form of control, it can either be a power pack, or if you go with batteries, a remote. Keep in mind, since it is in the garden, that track cleaning is very important, and can take time and PATIENCE. My railroad has grown over five years, but I started with a simple train set from Piko, and it still works great. I now use DCC, but I will address that later. 


2) Find a Suitable Location

Pick a part of your garden that is good for you, and where you can access every part of your railroad, in case it de-rails from the track, also make sure it is not under a tree, or you will need to blow the leaves, but if you are fine with it, then go for it, it will make your railroad more unique. 


3) Laying Road Bed

Road bed is one of the most important things when making any railroad, it is not only to keep the track steady when a train is rolling over, but it is to ensure good connectivity, and to keep the track from moving when there is a heavy rainfall, vibration from the train's wheels, or from snow. 


4) Take Control

I recommend starting out with a DC transformer, either by Bridgewerks, or USA trains. They have enough power to do the job. IF you get more locomotives, and if they have sound, and you want to run each of them separately, get DCC (see part below). 

Advanced  Model Railroading


5) Lighting

I recommend getting a 12 volt LED and wiring it either to an outdoor lighting transformer, or to the track. 

Click here to purchase the recommended bulb.


6) Digital Control

One of the best DCC systems for a Garden railroad is the PIKO digital system. It is responsive, simple to use, easy to program locos with, and with the wireless receiver, has a far wireless range with the remote. You can even use switches. 

Trainli-  They are the best for repair and service and everything LGB. 

LGB- The pioneer in garden railroading, they have detailed engines, but are pricey, especially when they have built in sound. 

Bachmann- Offering detailed locomotives and rolling stock they are a good manufacturer for anyone looking for the real deal when it comes to prototype accuracy. 

PIKO America- Cheaper price than LGB and Bachmann, but high quality, and good pulling power engines. Their buildings are great, and the paint on their cars, engines and buildings don't fade. PIKO is best for novice and experienced people in the garden railroading hobby. 

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